Why did Bill Barr turn on America.

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Why does it look like Bill Barr is completely useless to everyone on both sides?

Democrats say: (Slate)

In just two years, Attorney General William Barr transformed the Department of Justice into a sleazy, third-rate law firm devoted to shielding Donald Trump and his friends from the consequences of their crimes. A coterie of attorneys with prestigious law degrees and sterling résumés joined Barr’s crusade to place Trump above the law. The attorney general’s tenure played out as a natural experiment: What happens when the embodiment of the right-wing Federalist Society becomes the nation’s chief law enforcement officer? The answer has been a ghastly disaster for the rule of law.

Republicans say:

Before the 2020 Presidential Election AG Barr declined to indict any individuals on crimes involving the Deep State’s actions related to the many crimes surrounding Hillary’s emails, the Mueller Russia coup, the Iran deal or any of the many corrupt activities of the Democrats or Deep State.
Barr announced that his investigator into the Mueller coup, US Attorney John Durham, would not have any indictments before the election. Obvious crimes related to Hillary’s emails remain unchecked and the many crimes uncovered related to the Bidens found on Hunter Biden’s laptop remain ignored.
The FBI is corrupt and cannot be trusted. The Director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, is dishonest and works to protect those in the government and Democrat politicians who committed crimes. Documents in cases where indictments were made like the General Flynn case and the Roger Stone case remain hidden and when found, are redacted for no reason other than to coverup Deep State crimes. In most all cases after these documents are eventually unredacted they show no crimes were committed, individuals were setup or the FBI crimes were committed.
With the greatest election fraud ever instituted on our Democracy, the AG remained silent on this coup attempt and destruction of our constitution until now.

What Donald has to say:

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