July 13, 2024


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We would love to interview you and hear all about what you do. We have 3 PodCast personalities. Dave Down, Ed Bednarzik and Walt Harris. Contact Us with your stories and BeHeard Live!

Safe Harbor and the People behind Home Depot

S.1- E.3

Listen to Dave Down and Walter Harris talk about Safe Harbor in Stanwood Wa and the people that live behind the Home Depot!

S.1- E.2

Listen to Dave Down tell you about the BeHeard Network and what it is all about.

S.1- E.1

Hello and welcome to the BeHeard Network.

I am David Down and this PodCast is about how I came up with the idea behind the Be Heard Network. I wanted to give people that are busy helping others recognition and help spread their message to the masses.

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