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What is BeHeard.live?  Listen and learn..

Get Your Own Channel

BeHeard.live Channels are your place to tell your stories. Do you know of someone doing something good, helpful, kind, selfless and positive? Then put it on your own channel via Video, Picture, Copy or Podcast and share it.

BeHeard Network / BeHeard.live Needs

We need volunteers/journalist from all over the world to shoot video, photograph, record and or write the stories in your neck of the worlds. We want you to be a BHN Reporter.

Do You Have A Story?

BeHeard Network will shoot video, take pictures, record podcast and write stories from around the world sharing captivating and amazing stories of the wonderful things the caretakers of this planet are doing to help us all.

Elizabeth Smart - Overcoming Trauma

What an amazing story of an amazing women that went through so much.

Kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart shares a message with the world. This is her message about being at peace with her past and finding her power back.

Since 1993

The BeHeard Network initiates, develops and supports journalist with substance and enduring significance. We believe in the power of stories to change minds and ignite action. Through our collaborative partnerships, BHN tells powerful stories that help audiences understand the world around them, respond to challenges, and bring about lasting change.

So join us today in taking back our country. Democrat, Republican and independent alike need to help make this change. It's time for we the people to take back our county. Watch the video below and join the fight. Join the fight and Be Heard!!!!


Next Steps...

Great stories—those that not only entertain but challenge, provoke, and inspire—are rare. They have a unique ability to connect us through powerful storytelling. BHN initiates, develops, and supports projects of substance and enduring significance.

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