April 18, 2024

Did you get the Covid Vaccine? I tried to warn you.

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I expressed my concerns to my friends and family about the ownership of the Covid-19 patent and vaccine by the Gates Foundation. It seems like a potential conflict of interest, akin to a company making radar detectors and then selling the radar guns to the police.

Additionally, there are allegations that Bill Gates mentioned using vaccines for depopulation during a TED Talk in 2010. While I tried to find the video, it appears to have been removed, which raises further questions. Gates allegedly stated that vaccines would be the first tool for depopulation, and now, coincidentally, the global death toll matches the percentage he mentioned 15%. However, mainstream media outlets, some of which Gates and his associates have ties to, deny this interpretation. This discrepancy raises concerns about transparency and accountability.

Listen the the FACTS from Tucker Carlson

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