July 12, 2024
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What happened and how you can help!

Nancy, a woman approaching her 70s, rented an apartment to a man with a child. Troubled by allegations of sexual misconduct and genuinely concerned for the child's welfare, Nancy took proactive steps by contacting CPS and the child's school. Unexpectedly, the man and his child abruptly moved out.

In an alarming turn of events, Nancy now faces false accusations from the man, who claims she robbed him and stole his guns. Despite her efforts to ensure the safety of the child, she finds herself unjustly implicated in a serious crime she did not commit.

Nancy, who has fired a gun only once in her life during an outing with her brother, vehemently denies these accusations. To share her side of the story and seek support, Nancy has bravely provided her testimony on the BeHeard.live website. You can listen to her account by click the link about See Video Interviews .

Adding to the complexity of this case, there are serious concerns about the conduct of the police officer involved. The officer, accused of lying and engaging in a quid pro quo arrangement with the alleged child abuser, casts doubt on the integrity of the investigation.

Despite Nancy's innocence and the questionable behavior of the officer, the prosecuting attorney for Island County has charged her with multiple felony counts of gun theft based on the officer's report. This situation represents an outrageous abuse of the elderly, involving not only the police officer but also attorneys who seem to be complicit in this injustice.

Nancy is in desperate need of support to fight against these unfounded charges. Your assistance, whether through financial contributions or spreading awareness of her story, can make a significant difference. Visit the BeHeard.live website to hear Nancy's testimony firsthand and join her in the fight for justice.

Nancy Griffin is currently dealing with the immense burden of being falsely accused of a crime she did not commit. Despite her best efforts, including the engagement of three different attorneys, the resolution of her case remains elusive. Unfortunately, her financial resources are depleting rapidly, having alread

y spent close to $50,000, with an anticipated additional cost of $150,000 on the horizon.

Compounding the challenges, Nancy's first attorney quit, the second one tragically passed away, and she is now grappling with a third attorney who she believes is primarily interested in settling the case rather than pursuing justice. Throughout this ordeal, Nancy has encountered issues such as the denial of her Miranda rights, instances of police dishonesty, and other troubling aspects.

In a last-ditch effort to seek justice and alleviate the financial strain, Nancy is reaching out for support. She has shared her entire story on the BeHeard.live platform, providing a detailed account of the circumstances surrounding her case. You can find the complete narrative and updates on her situation by visiting https://beheard.live/gun-stealing-grandma.

Nancy is seeking assistance to ensure her voice is heard, and she is granted a fair and just resolution. Any support you can offer, whether it be financial or through sharing her story, will contribute to her quest for justice.

IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION ON THIS CASE PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATLY!!! Island County Wa Case: 23-1-00057-15 [email protected]

I urgently appeal for your support! I am actively seeking assistance from experts in various fields, encompassing law enforcement, felony law, tenant law, and constitutional law.

In addition, I am commencing an inquiry into the treatment Nancy has endured at the hands of certain attorneys and scrutinizing their conduct in managing this case. Should there be any indication of a violation of her constitutional rights, we are dedicated to gathering information and aiding her in reaching out to the BAR, considering further action. I am not asserting that any violations have occurred; rather, we will be thoroughly investigating whether there have been any. While I haven't yet contacted her attorney, my hope is that our efforts will be viewed as advantageous to her defense. I assume that he is diligently working to protect her, with her constitutional rights as his paramount concern.

For individuals who suspect their constitutional rights may have been overlooked by law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, or even their own attorney, a helpful starting point is available by clicking here: Click here for help-with-bad-lawyers-judges-and-prosecutors/ for assistance with bad lawyers, judges, and prosecutors.

Regular updates on the unfolding details of this story will be shared as I collect more information and conduct additional interviews with those connected to the matter. Stay tuned for immediate updates to remain informed.




1/6/24 I have added the story above.

We are currently setting up a GoFundMe page and more. Additional interviews coming soon.

12/18/23 Just recieved a copy of the charges filed by Island County against Nancy Griffin

I have just received a copy of the charges, and I am in the process of converting them into a PDF for posting. Over the next week, both myself and others will meticulously scrutinize each line of the charges to understand precisely what she is being accused of and to identify any discrepancies that may arise.

12/18/23 Rebuttel to News Report Given By Officer Ahrich of Island County Washington

Question? The article states the Office Ahrich said the value of items exceeded $10,000 worth of furniture, clothing and more.

Look around your home and see what $10k of your belongings looks like. How many trips to the dump would you have to make using this vehicle and a small trailer?

As I delve into this information, a recurring name stands out—Deputy Ahrich of Island County. He not only provides testimony in this case but also raises concerns as his statements appear inconsistent with the available video evidence. It appears that he is actively shaping the narrative and taking sides, going so far as to fabricate evidence to align with his chosen perspective.

Notably, both Nancy and Jerry contest the accuracy of Deputy Ahrich's testimony regarding the vehicle used and items taken. Furthermore, he hindered dump workers from retrieving the alleged items, dismissing their assurance of safety. Despite their training and willingness, he unilaterally deemed the situation too dangerous. One must question whether he documented the items discarded in the dump through photographs.

Deputy Ahrich's misinformation extends to the girl's laptop, with misleading reports provided to the press. Compounding concerns, he actively fundraised for Josh. This raises a critical ethical inquiry: should an officer be involved in fabricating evidence, testifying as a witness, and concurrently fundraising for the purported victim?

The overarching issue here is the apparent neglect of the initial child abuse allegations. It begs the question: have authorities genuinely investigated these serious claims, or are they being overlooked? If the provided information is accurate, Deputy Ahrich's actions not only involve potential fabrication of evidence or unintentional false testimony but also contribute to enabling an alleged abuser to continue harming the child. What facets might be overlooked or misunderstood in this complex situation?

12/17/23 Updates On What I Have Found!

Discrepancy on where Josh was. (I have been told 3 different things )

  1. He moved out after being accused of inappropriate things with his daughter. As in sleeping naked with an 11-year-old little girl in a twin-size bed. - Nancy
    2. His work vehicle broke down and he was stranded someplace. - (Reported by Whidbey Island News)
    3. He took the kids to Disneyland and was out of town. (Nancy said deputy Joe Uhrich told mentioned that)
  • Why was this little girl out of school so much?
  • Can this be confirmed by the school?
  • What connection does Officer Urich have to Josh? Interesting fact when you type "office Uhrich Whidbey island" the story about Nancy comes up because he is so connected to it. Why?
  • Office Urich is also a witness in this case to events and it looks like the Whidbey Island reporter got most of their information from this Officer?
  • What relationship did this man have with this little girl and her father?
  • Why did he fund raise is this a usual practice? Could be and if it is good! Police helping a man and child in need is a good thing.
  • Did the prosecuting attorney file charges base on deputy Joe Ulrich’s story? He has literally drafted this story in connection with Josh and the report to the paper looks as if he is the only one speaking with them to tell the story? I do not see anything from Nancy or the neighbor.
  • Why were the accusations of inappropriate behavior with this little girl ignored?
  • What happened with CPS? Did they investigate? Why not?

To me this at this point it looks like deputy Joe Ulrich spoke with Josh decided what had happened and drafted a narrative to fit his conclusion. He denied facts like most of the items in the apartment were still there or, so I have been told. I will go and see for myself and make a video of it.

More to come as I investigate this story.

Did events transpire as presented, or did the Island County Police fabricate a conclusion, leading the reporter astray with a lackluster investigation? Can we truly trust the narrative laid before us? And if we strip away the layers of detachment, if this were your Grandmother, what questions would you demand answers to?

12/16/23 Nancy Comments on the Attorneys

The first attorney wanted $10,000 down I gave it to him I spent 5 min with him ! Then he wanted another $10,000 in a week and $150,0000 if we went to trail. I fired him as I could not do this I set an appt with another Lawyer when Dennis Scott called as Craig Platt could not get rid of me without counsel.

Dennis Scott wanted $12,000. He did not tell me he was ill. $2,000 went to his PI. When he told me he was going in for a big Surgery . I asked him who was going to cover! Lanie called me a heartless fucking bitch ! I fired her.

She gave me only $1,300 back and I had to ask over and over . However when Dennis died she sent me $1,300 of the two thousand. Dennis gave me back a check and it bounced twice . Nothing in my account that is supposed to be held in trust. I have asked the law board for help. All he did over and over was postpone and charge me.

Last is Robert Rhodes. He is judgmental and threatens to quit. The first lawyer lied by stating I would not pay him . I gave him $10,000 for 5 min face to face.

My conclusion of this information:

Based on the information provided, it seems like you've had a series of negative experiences with different attorneys. Here are some observations:

  1. First Attorney: Demanding a large upfront payment and additional fees without clear communication about the case or services is concerning. Firing him was a reasonable decision given the unexpected financial demands.
  2. Dennis Scott: His failure to disclose illness and the subsequent emotional reaction from his associate Lanie suggests a lack of professionalism. The financial issues and lack of transparency about the use of funds are also red flags.
  3. Robert Rhodes: Your description indicates poor communication and a threat to quit. A lawyer who is judgmental and threatening may not be the best fit for a client-attorney relationship.

Given these experiences, it's essential to find a lawyer who is transparent, communicates effectively, and works in your best interest. It's wise that you've reached out to the law board for assistance. Keep records of all communications, payments, and any relevant documents to support your case. If you haven't already, consider seeking recommendations from trusted sources and conducting thorough research before engaging another attorney.

I am already working with a group to help rectify this action and pursue a resolution to this matter.


12/14/23 - Background Check on Josh Recieved!

Turns out this is public information and you have the right to see it. Joshua Howard Johnson Background Report. If you have any information regarding this man pertaining to this case please contact us at [email protected]

12/11/2023 - No Miranda Given

The women in this case just informed me that she was never read her Miranda Rights! If this is so, then this is over, but not the story...

She is going to the police station now to request the video of her arrest. MORE TO COME!!!


My Understanding Of This Issue:

Her Statement

The Charges

Interview With The Neighbor

12/14/23 Update by Nancy

Story Corrections:

As you know WE ALL make mistakes. Differences between me and mainstream media. I will admit them and correct the story as soon as I learn of my mistakes.

Current Mistakes:

  1. Only 2 lawyers, 1 died and the other is still in place.
  2. At this point I have no proof of any crimes and he may very well be the victim in this matter just like the Island County Prosecutors office alleges.
    After watching my video I sound accusatory and want to change that I have no facts and have only done 1 interview. I will do better to not be bias until all the facts have been revealed.
  3. WRONG! I said 2 and actually there were 3.

The Cast of Misfits:

Prosecuting Attorney: Greg Banks https://www.islandcountywa.gov/312/Prosecuting-Attorney

First Attorney: Craig A. Platt  Platt, Craig A | Platt, Thompson and Buescher, Attorneys at Law (seattlecriminallawyerhelp.com)

Second Attorney: Coming Soon ( Died )

Third Attorney: Coming Soon

Office 1: Coming Soon

Office 2: Coming Soon

What's the law say about gun procession by a felon, gun storage in Washington?

RCW 9.41.360

Unsafe storage of a firearm

RCW 9.41.040

Unlawful possession of firearms

Questions I have?:

  1. Why did they dismiss the gun charges when Josh was convicted or thief and trespassing in 2005
  2. Did they read her Miranda Rights?
  3. What GUNS? Does he have pictures, proof of ownership, eyewitness?
  4. What relationship does the Island County Officer have with the renter?
  5. Why did this officer fund raiser for the renter?
  6. Did the officer have a relationship with the 11year old girl?
  7. Has he ever been alone with this girl?
  8. Why is Island County saying this old woman stole guns?
  9. What happened to the first attorney and how did he die?
  10. Why did the next attorney not bring up the police not ready Miranda rights?
  11. Why is he trying to get her to plead out?
  12. Why is her lawyer asking her "if she was molested" Is this an attempt to give her an excuse for stealing the stuff by having her confess to a crime instead of proving she is innocent?
  13. and most important. IS THIS MAN ABUSING HIS CHILD? The rest, other then the gun charges are far less important.
  14. Is he a felon that illegally had possession of guns and admitted to abandoning them and improperly stowing them to an Island County Police officers?
  15. Isn't possession of firearms illegal by a felon?
  16. Did he confess to a crime when he said he had loaded guns in his home unsafely stowed with children present?
  17. Did he leave loaded guns in an apartment that had a common use area used by other people in the building for an extended period of time?
  18. Did his friend the police officer know about the guns?
  19. Did the office have access to the apartment?
  20. Could someone else have stolen the guns while the apartments' was vacant?

Anyone else have any questions?

If you want to help or know someone that can please have them contact me. This women needs help and or this man does something is wrong here! Lets find out what it is...

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