Plastic Companies Lie! Don’t buy the lie!

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If you were worried that the plastic industry was getting a little too trustworthy, worry no longer! PATREON PAGE:

First and foremost, go watch the Frontline documentary,

'Plastic Wars' on this subject. They did it WAAAY more professionally than me, although I feel like they used more swear words? I can't remember. Seriously though, it's a fantastic watch and it's available for exactly zero dollars right here on y'tube:

Or this if you're in the UK:

Plastic Recycling is a big fat lie:

Also, the good people over at Wendover Productions have a video about why recycling doesn't work that's so insanely well-done that you should go back in time and watch that one first:

Some other episodes you might be interested in: The Carbon Footprint:

Carbon Offsets:

See how to check for yourself:

Plastic Legislation to get involved with: Depending on where you live, there's a lot you can do. NCSL Overview:

Earth Day Plastic Action:

Cleveland Preemptive Ban:

Nat Geo breakdown:




Follow Climate Town on Instagram:

Some reading to do:

The Merchants of Doubt:

All We Can Save:

The Uninhabitable Earth:

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate:

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