July 13, 2024

Hydrogen Peroxide… A Potent and Effective Cancer Destroyer…

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Hydrogen Peroxide... A Potent and Effective Cancer Destroyer...

Recently I learned about Hydrogen Peroxide and it’s use to help fight cancer. I was amazed by what I learned, after the last few years dealing with covid it made complete scenes that the FDA, W.H.O and most doctors would lie about it’s helpful attributes and help big pharma rake in the bucks at our expense. What does big pharma care about your health or life as long as they keep getting paid. Proof of these lies was obvious when during Covid 19 they would say that Hydroxychloroquine would kill you Click to watch – (THANKS Neil Cavuto) This drug had been used world wide to help with every kind of disease and received many Nobel prizes for its wonderful attributes BUT ALL OF A SUDDEN –  DON’T USE IT YOU WILL DIE! Fact: They lie to make a buck and below is even more proof of it. 

Hydrogen Peroxide… A Potent and Effective Cancer Destroyer…

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and ozone therapy are two alternative cancer treatment protocols that have been in the spotlight recently. If you have cancer, flooding the body with oxygen is crucial for the destruction of cancer cells and the boosting of the body’s natural immune response. H2O2 or ozone therapy are two of the best ways to accomplish this.

Here’s everything you need to know on how to implement this powerful cancer treatment into your daily regimen… 

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Hydrogen Peroxide For Cancer Treatments

Proves Effective Using Hydrogen Peroxide For Cancer Treatments Is Highly Effective And Part Of Our Comprehensive Cancer Care Program!

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Hydrogen Peroxide Cancer Treatment

Hydrogen Peroxide protocol is very famous and a very good cancer treatment. We are very aware of the testimonials for hydrogen peroxide and cancer patients who had a slow growing cancer.

If hydrogen peroxide is used as a cancer treatment it should be used with at least 13 items in the Protocol Also, when hydrogen peroxide is used in high doses, start at low doses and over a 3 day period gradually increase the dose (2 or 3 times a day) until you get to the full dose on the third day and thereafter.

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Hydrogen Peroxide in Nature

When ozone mixes with moisture in the air, it forms hydrogen peroxide, which comes down in rain and snow. It occurs naturally in fresh fruits and vegetables, some coming from rain and some manufactured during photosynthesis. (6) Hydrogen peroxide is also found in mother’s milk, with an especially high concentration in colostrum (the first milk secreted, right after birth).

One researcher states, “The generation of H2O2 in cellular processes seems to be purposeful, and H2O2 cannot be dismissed as a mere undesirable by-product…. The capacity for generation of H202 is now found to be widespread in a variety of organisms and in the organelles of the cells.

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Why Hydrogen Peroxide and Not Antibiotics

Hydrogen peroxide treatments for cancer

Emphysema & Chronic Lung Disease Patient Used Hydrogen Peroxide IV's

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