May 20, 2024

What does the bible say about the red heifer sacrifice?

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Red Heifer

Texas Red Heifers' Arrival Stirs Prophetic Excitement in Israel

What does it mean? For me it means look around people, this is biblical! with everything going on around us today you have to see, this is prophetic.

Don't think so? Think again, this will result in builiding the temple, and that will lead to some very strange stuff. (SIDE NOTE: learn about CERN)

First, To meet the requirements of the Old Testament law, a red heifer was needed to help accomplish the purification of the Israelites from uncleanness—specifically, the ashes of a red heifer were needed (see Numbers 19). Because red heifer ashes were necessary for the purification rites held at the temple, many have regarded the appearance of a red heifer today as heralding the construction of the third temple and the return of Christ.

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4 Steps that explain it all.

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