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Science CONFIRMS Noah’s Ark and the Flood, Dinasours, a Young Earth, Aliens and More!

This one is close to my heart so please share this page with everyone you know and have them pick one of these videos to discuss with you. After you watch them how can you doubt the truth? We have been lied to by our school system, scientist, doctors, government and more. Why would they lie you ask? To keep you in fear and under control! If you believe their lies then they have the power.

Give God the power and you will start winning, feel better about yourself and life. Learn who is really in control, it's eye opening, makes scenes, and is the truth.

What do you get out of it? Love, Forgiveness, Peace and Salvation and much, much, more.

WAKE UP PEOPLE! Learn the truth...

Atheists Will HATE This Video (Ken Ham)

Is Genesis History? - Watch the Full Film

What Noah’s Ark & The Flood Were Really Like

Rock Layers and Fossils Prove a Worldwide Flood!

Does the Bible Talk about Dinosaurs?

The Most Convincing Evidence for a Young Earth

Dismantling The Big Bang Theory

How Should Christians Feel About Aliens and UFOs?

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