May 22, 2024
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Does science CONFIRM Noah’s Ark, the Flood, Dinasours, a Young Earth, Aliens and More?

Exploring Alternative Perspectives on Science

This subject is a topic I hold dear, and I encourage you to share this page with friends and family. Take some time to watch the videos and engage in discussions about these intriguing subjects. After watching, it's natural to question established beliefs. Our education system, scientists, doctors, and even governments have shared certain narratives, and these narratives have been debated.

Why might they do this? One perspective suggests that it's to maintain control and, at times, instill fear. By questioning and seeking alternative understandings, you can empower yourself and experience a positive change in your life. It's enlightening to discover who truly holds influence in our lives.

What's the takeaway? Love, forgiveness, peace, salvation, and more await those who explore these ideas. It's a journey of discovery and personal growth.

Let's encourage open-mindedness and critical thinking.  Stay curious, keep learning, and uncover the truth.

Wake up to different perspectives, and learn more about the world.

So light is Intellegent but no Intellegence created anything? Hmmm, closed minded MUCH!!!

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